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Malverne, NY 11565

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Howard T. Herber Middle School is located in the Village of Malverne. The school district itself includes a portion of the Village of Malverne, as well as other portions of the Villages of Lynbrook, Rockville Centre, West Hempstead and the unincorporated areas of Malverne and North Lynbrook. Students in grades 6 through 8 attend Howard T. Herber Middle School. We are "dedicated to strive for excellence" for all of our students. Herber has a variety of extra-curricular activities for its students, as well as Herber MULES Sports for 7th and 8th graders.
Early adolescence is a critical period in which students must make a transition between the protective environment of the elementary school and the more demanding high school setting which requires individual responsibility, emotional maturity and independent decision making. It is the role of Howard T. Herber Middle School to provide for these students a nurturing and forgiving atmosphere in which they are encouraged to take risks and yet feel secure within a consistent and supportive educational structure. In such an environment, our students will be guided effectively and purposefully toward becoming caring, capable and ethical young adults able to make responsible choices and adapt to the changing society of the 21st century.


Important Notice - March 19, 2014

This is to inform you that there was an accident with one of the boilers today at the middle school that led to the evacuation, displacement and ultimate early dismissal of our students.  We are all extremely proud of our administrators, staff and students, who expertly handled this emergency with calm demeanor and as efficiently as a drill.  We would also like to thank our parents for their immediate response and cooperation.  The building is being cleaned tonight, and the necessary repairs have been made to the heating plant.  We welcome our students and staff back tomorrow as we resume normal school operations.  Thank you.

Project DREAM 2013-2014


Saturday, April 19, 2014