Physical Education & Health

Name:  Patricia Desormeau, Chairperson
Grade: K-12
My office is located in Malverne High School
Tel:  516-887-6485


Joe Dunn, a Physical Education teacher at Maurice W. Downing School, recently received National Board Certification. This certification is a rigorous process by which a teacher must demonstrate expertise in their subject area, reflect upon their current teaching methods, and enhance student learning both inside and outside of their classroom. Applicants must undergo a series of portfolio entries which include videotaping, and assessment monitoring, along with a written exam where they must show knowledge of content and pedagogy. This process can take up to three years to complete, and it is considered the highest certification a teacher can hold. Mr. Dunn is now the only National Board Certified physical education teacher on Long Island, and one of 9 in the state of New York.  Congratulations Mr. Dunn, job well done. 













Saturday, July 23, 2016