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Meal Charge Policy

The Board of Education recognizes that, on occasion, students may forget to bring meal money to school. To ensure that students do not go hungry, but also to promote responsible student behavior and to minimize the fiscal burden on the district, the Board will allow students who may forget meal money to “charge” the cost of the meal to be paid back at a later date subject to the terms in this policy.

1. No more than five meals per student may be charged;

2. Only one regular meal may be charged; that is, only what is on the menu.

3. No snacks may be charged;

4. A computer-generated point of sale system will be used for identifying and recording all payments, charged meals, as well as for collecting repayments.

5. After the third (3rd) charge, a report/letter will be mailed and sent home with the student advising of the outstanding balance.

6. When a student exceeds the charge limit, the student will be provided a milk and grain component at breakfast, and provide a sandwich, fruit and milk at lunch;

7. Students will be required to pay all meal charges before being allowed to purchase any a la carte (snack) item.

This policy applies to all paying students, whether they are paying full-price or reduced-price.

A student who abuses this policy may be denied a meal. If school authorities suspect that a student may be abusing this policy, they must provide written notice to the parent that if the student continues to abuse this policy, the  student’s meal charging privilege will be withdrawn.

NOTE:  No child should be deprived of school lunch because he/she is economically disadvantaged. Pupils may be provided free or reduced-priced breakfasts and lunches on a continuing, intermittent, or emergency basis when family circumstances require it.

Required application forms for the federally subsidized free and/or reduced lunchprograms are mailed in August.

Repayments of charges are the responsibility of the building principal’s office. Food service will forward the necessary information to the principal’s office and standard letters will be sent to the parent/guardian requesting payment. Collected funds will be received by the principal’s office and forwarded to the food service department for daily deposit.

The principal’s office shall send a letter home to all parents at the opening day of school, notifying them of the requirements of this policy.  The Policy will also be published on the school’s website.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019