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Student Accounts in Quest

How to Use Destiny Quest

Creating a Brochure in Publisher

How to Turn Protected Mode Off

How to Add Audio to PowerPoint (pdf format)

How to Add Audio to PowerPoint (ppt format)

LiveBinders sample     Access Code =  ItalianHistory02252013

Remote Desktop Access through CITRIX

How to Install and Access the Citrix Environment at Home

    • Open Internet Explorer and type in the following Address :
    • You will be directed to the Citrix Access Gateway.
    • Type in your username and network password.
    • A new window will appear with instructions to install the Citrix receiver. This will allow you to connect to the dazzle store and your district network files. Check I agree with the license agreement and click on the INSTALL button.
    • A new window will appear prompting you to execute the file.
    • Click RUN to install
    • Click OK once the receiver has been installed. An information bar will appear in Internet Explorer. Click on the bar and click Run.
    • Your Citrix Apps and Desktop window will load. Choose desktop to access your district files and connections.
    • The Windows 7 desktop will load as if in school where you will be able to access your Home Directory (H:/ drive).
  • Map the X-Vault






  • Avoid plagiarism
    Please view the attachment.  You should be able to answer the following questions:
    1.  What is the defintion of plagiarism
    2.  List 3 different types of items that should be cited
    3.  List 3 ways to avoid the perils of plagiarism
    4.  What has happened to college students as a result of plagiarism?
Saturday, February 24, 2018