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Pupil Personnel Services

Ms. Rebecca Gottesman, Director of Guidance K-12


Ms. Maureen Madden, Registrar



Malverne High School

Howard T. Herber Middle School

Maurice W. Downing Elementary

Ms. Laura Pulitano-Guidance

Ms. Ann Marie Henderson-Guidance

Ms. Jamie Carter-Jorif-Social Worker

Ms.Donna Bailey-Guidance

Mr. Matt Rosen-SW

Ms. Patrice Ward-Nurse

Ms. Nicole Beauford-Guidance

Ms. Michele McLeod 

Mr. Joseph Aquino-SocialWorker

Ms. Cindy Stapleton-Secretary

Davison Avenue Intermediate

Ms. Wendy Jansen-Nurse

Ms. Eileen Duffy-Traslavina-Social Worker

Mrs. Barbara Clifford-Secretary

Mrs. Yvette Candelario 


Our aim is to plan and develop curriculum to address all of the developmental pathways of children; provide global recommendations to work with the 504 Committees, Instructional Support Teams, Committee of Special Education, and the Board of Education, integrating child development principles into the functioning of all school activities; provide individual schoolteachers with strategies for managing positive interation with children; train school personnel in providing a variety of child-development, mental, and physical health services; coordinate and supervise the work of outside agencies providing services within the school setting.




Attendance/Registration Services

Grants/Funding for Programs

Science Technology Entry Program(STEP)

Caring Kids (Character Education)- K to 1

Individual/Group Counseling

Section 504 Policy Implementation

Chatter Clubs (Grades 1-4)

Life Skills Program

Social Work Services

Classroom/Group Presentations


Second Step Character Education

CDs/Video Tours of Colleges

Nursing Services

Students Against Destructive Decision(SADD)

College Planning Counseling

Parent Workshops

Substance Abuse Prevention Program

College Workshop for Parents

Peer Advisory Leaders

Safe Dates

Connecting Conduct to Character

Project Alert

Too Good for Drugs

Field Trips

Reconnecting Youth

Upward Bound

Financial Aid Workshop for Parents

Red Ribbon Week

Volunteer Project

Guidance Direct (Career College Inventory)

Scholarship/Open House

Community Service


Wednesday, December 12, 2018