Lunch Program


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Malverne School District has implemented an automated point-of-sale (POS) food service system, which will be linked to your student’s school identification card. Designed to add flexibility to your payment options, this debiting system will enable each student to have their own account with photo verification. You will be able to deposit money into your child’s account by accessing a secure online service and choosing to debit money directly from a bank account or prepay the card with a certain amount each month. Eliminating the ability for a student to “forget” their lunch money, deposited funds will allow a student to purchase meals and a la carte items for sale in the cafeteria.
ScholarChip, also enables school staff to keep track of any food allergies and improve the speed and efficiency with which students are serviced. Parents who are curious about what their child is purchasing will be able to access that information online, as well as view the card’s remaining balance. When needed, purchase limitations or dietary restrictions can be placed on a child’s account. Confidentiality will continue to be maintained for students who are receiving free and/or reduced price lunches.
Please use THIS Link to sign up for an online account.

Malverne UFSD’s Breakfast and Lunch prices for 2015-2016:

High School  $2.50
Middle School  $2.50
Elementary  $2.50
Adult  $3.50 Plus Tax
Breakfast  $1.50

Monday, May 30, 2016