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Useful Resources for Parents

New York State Special Education Long Island Parent Center

There are 13 Special Education Parent Centers across New YorkState. These centers will provide parents of children with disabilities with information, resources, and strategies to:

• promote their meaningful involvement in their children’s education programs, including information regarding the special education process (referrals, individual evaluations and individualized education program development and transition planning);

• assist in understanding their children’s disabilities;

• promote early resolution of disputes between parents and school districts;

• promote the use of resolution sessions and special education mediation;

• assist in understanding procedural due process rights, including the right to impartial hearings and appeals and the State complaint process; and

• enhance parents’ skills and levels of confidence to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with other schools and other stakeholders to advocate and actively participate in their children’s education program.

Please contact the Parent Center located nearest you for assistance.

Saturday, February 16, 2019