African American Read-in Chain

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In honor of Black History Month, Malverne High School students and staff took part in the National African American Read-in Chain. Library media specialist Catherine Brown and senior library clerk Pat Martinez invited students and adults to come to the school library to share selections of poetry or literature by African American authors, and to read historical pieces about the African American experience. Poetry readings included works by poets such as Langston Hughes, Lucy Terry and Henrietta Cordelia Ray. For their historical pieces, students were asked to focus on some lesser know figures in Black history. This year, the library added a visual arts component to the celebration, featuring works from the “Black West Portfolio” of artist Izell R. Glover.
This is the sixth year that Malverne High School has participated in this full-day event, which is endorsed and supported by the National Council of Teachers of English and the International Reading Association. Each person who read was asked to write his or her name in a log, which will be entered as part of the National African American Read-In Chain.