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Inaugural AP Class

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The district’s first group of CollegeBoard AP Capstone Seminar students took a portion of their AP exam this week as they submitted their Individual Research Reports and delivered their Team Multimedia Presentation and Oral Defense. The research examined and sought to solve issues of Child Labor Policies in China, Opioid Addiction and Treatment, Deradicalization and Counter-Terrorism, The Implications of the Death Penalty, and Gun Control. Next, the students will begin work on their individual research and prepare their presentation and defense. Congratulations to Halle, Jose, Amanda C., Brianna, Savannah, Hannah, Josh, Jasia, Aly, Olivia M., Jason, Amanda N., Stuart, Conner, Christian, Kyle and Olivia T., as well as teachers Ms. Caputo and Mr. China.
Tuesday, October 22, 2019