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Award-Winning Musical Talent

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Seventy-eight students from Howard T. Herber Middle School participated in the Music in the Parks festival. Under the instruction of teachers Deanna Vitola, Rachel Trevor and Alyssa Rizzuto Malverne students placed first in several competitions. The Class Six Rhythmix placed first in the Middle School Treble Choir category, received an Excellent rating, and were named the Best Overall Middle School/Junior High Choir in the festival that day. Select Choir won first-place in the Junior High Mixed Chorus category, also garnering a rating of Excellent from the judges. The HTH Jazz Ensemble won first place in the Middle School Jazz Ensemble, also with an Excellent rating and won Best Overall Middle School/Junior High Jazz Ensemble of the day. Student Halle Akaeze also won for Best Middle School/Junior High Jazz Soloist. Congratulations to all of the students who participated and represented the Malverne schools and community so well.
Saturday, March 28, 2020