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Cameras Come to MHS

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Last week, the Malverne High School football team, cheerleaders and band had the opportunity to participate in an upcoming episode of the television show, Madam Secretary. The scene involved one of the main characters Evan (#52 Panthers) playing in a football game and getting injured. Both our JV and Varsity football team simulated an actual football game with two of our players serving as stunt doubles. Our very own Malverne parents served as spectators in the bleachers, and 12 band students and 18 cheerleaders were background extras during the filming. Overall, our students had an experience of a lifetime. Thank you to Dr. Hunderfund, Dr. Romano, coach Kito Lockwood, coach Sheryil Straker, Glen Johnson ( Band Director), Mike Messina, parents and all the students involved.
Wednesday, August 12, 2020