Message From the Superintendent

Dr. James Hunderfund,
Superintendent MUFSD

March 2014

Dear Parents and Community Members,
Now that we have all endured the record-setting arctic conditions of the past winter, it feels good to get back to "normal" as we prepare for the finale of yet another school year.  Much appreciation to everyone for your cooperation and patience during the many weather related school delays and cancellations.  (Hopefully, next winter will give us a break!!)  Based upon our students' academic achievement to date, it appears that the vast majority have dedicated themselves to improve and excel through honor-roll attainment, competitive awards and enrollment in challenging programs.  Hopefully, our 3rd quarter report card results (April 10) will continue to demonstrate even higher growth and achievement.

As the Board of Education continues to finalize the 2014-15 school budget, it is painfully apparent that the restrictions imposed by the tax cap levy formula and the significant costs of the unfunded (or, underĀ­ funded) mandates from New York State, will require undesirable reductions to educational programs, class-size increases and the loss of several staff positions. With the final budget adoption scheduled for the BOE Meeting on April 8, the board would greatly appreciate your input regarding priorities and potential solutions.
Throughout the entire year our professional educators and support staff have dedicated themselves to the mastery of the many new "challenges" that require higher standards of achievement from all of our students. The implementation of the Common Core Curriculum, the increased emphasis upon critical thinking and higher-order learning and the k-12 focus upon improved knowledge for College Board S.A.T. success have proven to be a monumental task.

Nevertheless, I am confident from the notable progress to date, that we are on track to satisfy these formidable mandates with ongoing support for all of our students in their quest for academic excellence and life-long achievement.
James H. Hunderfund
Superintendent of Schools


Malverne Students Improve Academically Throughout the 2012-2013 School Year;
Positive Trend Noted Over Past Five Years

Students throughout the Malverne School District have once again demonstrated academic improvement and overall success for the 2012-2013 school year.  Based on a variety of measures, including national recognition for “College Readiness”, Advanced Placement (AP) results, Regents examination scores and other measures of success, the district is proud to announce that over the past five years, there has been a definitive trend of higher academic achievement.

During the 2012-2013 school year, 182 AP exams were administered.  Fifty five percent of students achieved a score of three or higher, a significant increase from only 14 percent reaching that same level in 2008.  The number of students who achieved scores of four or five also dramatically rose from 4 percent in 2008 to 24 percent in 2013.  This represents an overall increase of “high” scores in excess of 600 percent during this time period.  This year, a record number of students earned honors as AP Scholars with 13 AP Scholars; 7 AP Scholars with Honors; and 5 AP Scholars with Distinction.  As a testament to the school’s continued growth and improvement on AP exams, Malverne High School was recognized for the first time among the elite 10% of the nation’s outstanding high schools for “college readiness” in the annual USA high school rankings by NEWSWEEK Magazine and THE WASHINGTON POST.

Regents examination results have also validated positive academic growth for Malverne students.  For example, the district realized an increase in the number of students passing the very difficult Algebra2/Trigonometry Regents exam with 85% of students passing, compared to only 43 percent passing just two years ago.  Furthermore, the number of students passing the English Regents exam increased from 76 percent in 2009-2010 to 87 percent in 2012-2013; while the number of students passing the Geometry Regents examination during that same time period rose from 63 percent to 80 percent.  Perhaps the most indicative sign of success, however, was demonstrated in the record number of Regents diplomas awarded to the Class of 2013 graduates; 95 percent of the graduates earned this distinguished diploma, coupled with a record number of Advanced Regents Diplomas at 46 percent.

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. James Hunderfund said, “I am extremely proud of our students for their continued efforts to achieve their highest potential.  It is important for us to focus on the overall positive trajectory that our district has experienced in recent years.  While there will always be room for improvement, I am encouraged by the positive trend our schools have established.  In time, I am confident that this will lead to a greater percentage of students not only passing, but excelling on all measures of achievement.  Among the other measures of student success, it is important to include college enrollments, which have averaged 90 percent per graduating class, including many acceptances to highly competitive colleges and universities.  Honor Roll achievement trends continue to demonstrate an increased focus upon the value of good grades.  Higher achievement on report cards has improved the overall Grade Point Average for each graduating class.  Also, many more students have successfully completed Regents course credits while still in their Middle School years at Howard T. Herber.

In addition to academic improvement, Malverne has experienced positive growth in students’ character development, as well.  District statistics prove that Malverne students are becoming more involved in pro-social volunteerism and school organizations.  There has been a significant trend of decreasing suspension rates at both the middle school and high school.

“As we move forward, Malverne administrators, teachers and staff members will continue to work with students on developing their full academic potential, as well as emphasize the importance of character and behavior and the total development of each child in our care”, Dr. Hunderfund stated.  “Over the past five years, we have made notable progress, and we all look forward to continuing in this direction.”

Monday, July 28, 2014