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Malverne District Choirs

High School Select Choir  

Mr. Zagare, Director
Select Choir is open to students by competitive audition only.  Students who wish to audition for Select Choir must be students of excellent character and also be in good academic standing.  Select Choir consists on five students on each voice part; Soprano, Tenor, Alto, Bass, consisting of a total of twenty members.  They perform at the three school concerts throughout the year, as well as many other performances including but not limited to the Albany Music in Our School Months festival, NYSSMA Majors Festival, NAACP Jubilee Celebration, Martin Luther King Celebration and Music in the Parks at Busch Gardens.  Members of the Select Choir sing music from all genres.  Students are required to come to all rehearsals on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7:00-8:30pm.  Any students who wish to audition should see Mr. Zagare.

High School Mixed Chorus  

Mr. Zagare, Director
Mixed Chorus is offered as a class during the school day.  There is no audition to get in, but you must be recommended by your previous year's music teacher in order to get into the class.  We study and perform all genres of music.  Our repertoire ranges anywhere from Pop and Broadway to music from the Classical period.  The chorus performs in three concerts through the year.  These include the Winter, Pop's Concert and the Spring Concert.  A lot of time is spent on building up music literacy skills, especially sight-singing.  Students who excel in this class are encouraged to perform in the NYSSMA festival.


Howard T. Herber Select Choir 

Ms. Trevor, Director
The HTH Select Choir is made up of students from 6th, 7th and 8th grade.  These students perform difficult music from the classical period to modern day music.  The group performs in the Howard T. Herber Middle School Winter Concert, and is also involved in the community by Christmas Caroling each year.


6th, 7th & 8th Grade Chorus

Ms. Trevor, Director
There are two choirs at Howard T. Herber  Middle School.  The 6th grade chorus is made up of approximately 80 students and the 7th and 8th grade chorus is made up of approximately 140 students.  They perform two concerts per year in the winter and spring.  Students in the 6th grade chorus sing vocal selections in two parts, while teh 7th and 8th grade sing in three parts.  Time is spent with each group to advance their music literacy skills.  Students continue to develop their voices and build upon their knowledge of musical skills. Students are encouraged to perform in the NYSSMA Solo Festival.

5th Grade Chorus

Mrs. Vitola-Keil, Director
The 5th grade chorus is made up of forty three students and performs two concerts per year in the winter and spring.  Students in the 5th grade chorus sing vocal selections in unison, as well as songs split into two independent parts. The students are also learning how to read music and apply musical skills, such as using dynamics, to their concert selections. Students are encouraged to perform in the NYSSMA Solo Festival.


2nd Grade Glee Club

Ms. Wowk, Director

The Second Grade Glee Club consists of second grade students who are enthusiastic about singing. Rehearsals take place once a week in the morning before school starts. During rehearsals we work on musicianship skills such as intonation, singing in two parts, and rhythm skills. Our Second Grade Glee Club has three performances during the school year. These performances include school assemblies as well as the Malverne School District’s Celebration of the Arts Concert. The Second Grade Glee Club is a wonderful experience for beginner choral students. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020