Leadership Workshop

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On Tuesday May 24, eight HTH students along with Ms. Henderson, Mr. Rosen, and Mr. Gilhuley attended a Middle School Student Leadership Institute at Molloy College Suffolk Center. The program entitled “It’s Your Life: Dare To Dream Big Dreams” included a presentation by actress April Hernandez Castillo and nationally known motivational speaker and CEO/Founder of Coolspeak, Carlos Ojeda Jr.

In addition to the presentations, the students each attended two of the following workshops; ”Power of Youth: The Power of Who You Know”-“Define Your Passion”- “Give Respect, Get Respect”- “Getting Into Character: Having Fun With the Persona Poem”- “Demand More From The Man Within” and “Three Steps to Success.” The main focus of the institute was to inspire and help motivate students to achieve their fullest potential, to achieve the goals they never believed were possible, and to show them that every dream can be realized. It also stressed that their reality is not their destiny and that their voice gives them the power to make positive individual and societal changes.

Upon returning to school, the students discussed what they had found most important, what they would like to do with the information they learned, and whether the program had changed them in any way! As a group, they all felt truly inspired and better able to make their dreams a reality.