Dear Parents and Community Residents,

As you may be aware from recent news reports, there has been broad regional and national concern regarding institutional water quality, which has prompted us to test the water in all of our school district buildings. As a precaution and out of abundance of care for our students and staff, our district took the proactive step of testing the water sources in each of our school buildings for lead concentrations. This is not a public water supply issue, as all public water supplies are subject to regular water quality testing.

The district contracted with JC Broderick and Associates, who collected multiple samples from various locations in each building (for example, drinking fountains, kitchen sinks, etc.). The samples were then tested through a certified lab that follows protocols set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The initial round of testing revealed elevated levels of lead in a few water samples districtwide; however, none of the elevated samples were found in our drinking fountains. Upon our receipt of these results, the affected sources were shut down until repairs could be made to the plumbing. We consulted with our architects, who informed us that we needed to make necessary repairs to the plumbing. The district completed the plumbing upgrades and is now awaiting the results from the second round of testing.

While we know that this information may cause some concern, we are taking the necessary steps to address the situation and confirm the safety of water throughout the district. There is nothing that we take more seriously than the well-being of our students and staff. We will continue to update the community as additional testing is conducted and work is completed.

For more information about lead levels and drinking water, visit the EPA’s website at


Dr. James Hunderfund
Superintendent of Schools