As the weather is warming up and children are playing outside more often we need to reinforce the safety of stranger danger.  Although the below events did not take place in our district, these events remind us to discuss personal safety with our children. While we will work closely with our local police in monitoring these situations, I would also ask that you use this as an opportunity to remind children of some basic safety rules to follow when going to and from school each day.

•    Walk with a friend or in a small group
•    Never approach any vehicle to give directions or respond to driver’s questions
•    Never accept a ride from a stranger
•    Go right home after school unless the parent has been notified in advance and knows where the child is going
•    If being followed or disturbed, tell your Principal, Teacher, Police Officer, Crossing Guard, or ring the bell of a known resident

If you or your children are aware of similar situations, please contact the police and your school principal.Thank you for your cooperation.

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•    ABC Channel 7

Message from the Lynbrook Police
Pubic advisement of a local incident involving a child.

The Lynbrook Police Department advises that on May 5, 2015 at 7:45am at Grove St and Jamaica Ave in Valley Stream, a male black, in his 20’s, about 6’ tall. Suspect is unshaven, short hair,  wearing a blue sweatshirt and jeans exited his older model black vehicle with a dent on the right rear door, and approached a 12 year old female who was walking to a local school.  He asked her if she wanted candy.  The child ran to school and notified school officials who then notified the Nassau County Police Department.  Any person seeing the described vehicle or suspect should call 911 immediately.

It is unknown if this incident is related to the following incidents:

A male black wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black gloves and operating a black passenger van approached a 10 year old girl on Lakeview Avenue, in Lynbrook on April 23 at 3PM and told her he was robbing kids and then drive off.   The suspect and vehicle description matches two other incidents that occurred  in Lakeview in the last several days  In one incident candy was offered to an 8 year old girl.   

Any person who suspects a child is being or has been accosted should call 911 immediately.