State Champions!

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The Engineering Applications class competed at the Southern New York State Championship for VEX Robotics on Sat., March 7. Three teams competed against 39 other teams which qualified for competition in the statewide event. Team 9785, which consists of Robert Bach, Brian Roman and Chris Bowerbank ranked 2nd and won the Design Award for best robot design. Team 9785C, which consists of Gianna Casini-Lendino, Jake Dunlevy and Jose Sandoval ranked 6th and made it all the way to the semifinals. Team 9785B, which consists of Jonathan Ebron, Youssef Elgabri, Yami Uter and Leo Ginsberg ranked 7th and ultimately won the state tournament. This qualifies them to compete in the world championship event on April 15th-18th in Louisville, Kentucky.