Regional Robotics Champs

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This past weekend the Malverne Robotics team competed with 49 other schools at the SPBLI Long Island First Robotics Regional Competition.  The competition was tough, all the schools involved had just 6 weeks to build a robot to play this year's First Robotics game Aerial Assist.  In this game teams needed to work together with other robots to throw large exercise balls into high and low goals gaining points each time they passed the ball to another robot on their alliance.  Going into the quarter finals the Mechanical Mules were ranked ninth and became an alliance captain.  Through the team's careful scouting they picked Team 329 from Patchogue Medford High School and Team 1156 from Brazil to be on their alliance.  The three schools worked together to make it all the way to the final round.  In order to win the Regional competition the alliance needed to win best out of three rounds.  The Mechanical Mules and the rest of the blue alliance took a devastating loss in the first round with a final score of 88 to 63 but came back fighting in the second round to win 150-110.  Not giving up the Mechanical Mules and their alliance members battled to the very end with a final score of 102-93, in favor of the blue alliance.  For the first time ever the Malverne Robotics Team won the SPBLI Long Island Regional Championship.  The Mechanical Mules can now move forward to compete at the national level in St. Louis on April 24th - 26th with schools from around the world.