Project DREAM Olympic Challenge

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By: Angie Luna Menjivar & Olivia Valentino (8th Grade)

At Howard T. Herber Middle School in Malverne, setting a bright future for ourselves is one of our main goals. Last year, our faculty launched a new program to help us with this goal. It's called Project DREAM . We dedicate a period of our day, once a month, to Project Dream meetings. Each student is assigned to a team led by a DREAM coach (teacher). The teams have only 9 students, and we get to keep our teams from year to year. At our meetings we discuss our grades, we talk about areas we are having trouble with, we set goals, and we review ways we can do better in school. This year, in honor of the Winter Olympics, Project DREAM has been themed around the winter games. During each meeting we write about our "Medal Moments". These moments help us recognize what we did well and what we can still improve upon. Our Dream coaches are there to help us where we need it most and congratulate us on what we have accomplished. We love our monthly meetings, but this past Friday was a meeting like no other! On January 31st, our school was in full Olympic spirit! The whole school participated in a Project DREAM Olympic Challenge. We first met with our coaches to review the game rules. We then had 2 hours to travel throughout the entire building with our teams to complete 20 challenges, hosted by teachers in different classrooms. Each DREAM team had to work together to complete the tasks. After completing different tasks like cup stacking, math puzzles, identify the object, match the flag to the country, estimate the gum balls, library scavenger hunt, name that tune, and even Guitar Hero, we were given stickers on a task card to show what we completed. We then gathered together in the auditorium for a showdown of the top two Guitar Hero champions. We had a medal ceremony for the gold, silver, and bronze winning teams, and heard final words of encouragement from our building leaders. We hope that this is a tradition that will live on in Malverne. The event brought everyone's spirits up, and allowed the teams to work together like never before. We think it was a huge success, and who knows, maybe we will have a summer Olympic challenge at Howard T. Herber Middle School too!