April 1 is the deadline by which the district must receive all bus transportation applications for district students attending nonpublic schools for the 2014-2015 school year. Please be advised that new applications must be submitted even if you are currently receiving transportation services. Transportation shall be provided for all students attending kindergarten through grade 8 who live more than two (2) miles from the school they legally attend, and for all students attending grades 9-12 who live more than three (3) miles from the school which they legally attend, and shall be provided for each student up to a distance of fifteen (15) miles. Applications for bus transportation are available in the office of the Assistant Superintendent for District Operations, located at 301 Wicks Lane. Applications are also available on the district website: http://www.malverne.k12.ny.us/programs_and_services/transportation, under the Programs & Services tab. For additional information regarding transportation for nonpublic school students living within the district, please contact the Transportation Office at 516-887-6408.