Celebration of Success

On the evening of Nov. 26, Malverne High School held an honor roll celebration and dedication of its Valedictorian Wall of Honor at the auditorium of Howard T. Herber Middle School. More than 200 students were recognized for their academic achievements thus far in the school year.
In his opening statements, Malverne High School Principal Dr. Vincent Romano recognized the large population of students being honored at the evening's ceremony. “I am pleased to be the principal of the school in which 50 percent of its student body is on the honor roll,” he said.
Dr. Romano also discussed the unveiling of the Valedictorian Wall of Honor, which will not only recognize students who have received the highest honor of valedictorian, but also help encourage current and future students. “The plaques will serve to inspire all of our students for generations to come to achieve their full potential.”
Following the ceremony, students, parents and other guests continued the celebration in the cafeteria, where refreshments were served.