Last May, the voters of Malverne approved a school budget that resulted in a tax levy increase of 3.66 percent, exactly the amount projected at the time of the budget vote. That means voters approved of a tax levy – the amount collected in total taxes – that was 3.66% higher than the previous year.

Therefore, it is probably confusing and troubling to those homeowners whose tax bills have increased by more than 3.66%. Why? Because of changes in the Nassau County Assessment system.

The County Assessor’s office has approved assessment reductions to the vast majority of tax appeals that have been made by homeowners.  This practice forces the tax rate to increase to generate the amount of money required by the taxing entities.

The chart below shows how the district’s tax rate is established by the calculations of the Nassau County Assessor. The column shaded in green is the responsibility of the district. The columns shaded in pink are the sole responsibility of the Nassau County Assessor. The column shaded in beige demonstrates the impact of the assessor's decisions on the tax burden for homeowners (Class 1). The column shaded in blue is the most important information, along with the assessed value of their property, that property taxpayers will really care about. How we get from the green to the blue is the responsibility of the county. The "Sticker Shock" factor (yellow) is the difference between the tax levy increase approved by the voters of the school district (green) and the tax rate change calculated by the county (blue).



School District’sTax Levy Percent Change

Assessed Value Percent Change

Adj Base Proportion Percent Change

Change in Class 1 Levy % due to ABP

Tax Rate Percent Change

“Sticker Shock” Factor










Since the “2% tax cap” law has been established the Malverne school district has never exceeded its restricted tax levy increase despite the significant, double-digit increase for health insurance as well as state mandated expenses for both the Teachers Retirement System and Employees’ Retirement System. In fact, Malverne’s school budgets of the past two school years have produced the two lowest tax levy increases in the last 15 years, which were also BELOW the Nassau County average.

In sum, although the voters of Malverne approved a 3.66% tax levy increase for this year, the revenue calculations by the county assessor’s office have resulted in a 6.20 % tax bill increase for the homeowner whose home did not change in value.  

If any homeowner has received a school tax bill with an increase greater than the increase in the tax levy proposed by their district, they need to contact the Assessor’s office to understand the specific factors that are relevant to the calculation of their current tax bill.