Letter Regarding Recent Events/Resources for Parents

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Dear Malverne School Community Members,

The tragic event in Minneapolis and the subsequent events that have followed throughout our nation and the world have generated a movement to eradicate racism. This has occurred on the heels of a deadly pandemic that has affected many people within our greater community. Please be assured that the Malverne Board of Education, Administrators and Staff are here to help you during this very tumultuous time. 

Families/parents may need some assistance in navigating those difficult interactions with their children regarding the emotional effects of the various occurrences and media coverage. The following resources may be helpful.



Like all of us, our children may be experiencing emotions like sadness, confusion and anger. Please know that our support staff is here to help, even when our buildings are not open. If you or your child need support, our school psychologists, guidance counselors, and social workers are available and ready to assist. Please contact your building principal if you, or your children are in need of any support system intervention during this period of time.

During the last 13 years I have seen our students demonstrate the strength and value of DIVERSITY. However, this does not exempt us from the ills that plague our greater society. It only intensifies our collective resolve to continue our mission of Equity and Success for all children in our Malverne Family.

We also understand, especially during difficult times, that all of us need to support the social and emotional needs of all Family members. To start, a coalition committee has been formed by community leaders and school administrators that is asking for volunteers who can contribute to the development of solutions to the systemic world problems we all face. 

Anyone interested in becoming a committee member, should contact Dr. Romano by email -

Vromano@malverne.k12.ny.us. Working closely together for the common good can only result in a better world for everyone.




Dr. James H. Hunderfund

Superintendent of Schools