The recent events in the world, nation, and our community have been challenging and emotional on many levels.  In the Malverne School Community our diversity has always been our strength.  This does not mean we are immune to the ills that plague our society, but it strengthens our resolve to continue to educate our children.  Please know that Malverne Schools maintains an unwavering commitment to the District’s Mission of embracing pride in our diversity and unity in creating an environment for all students to succeed.

We also understand that during difficult times, a healthy school community needs to support the social and emotional needs of their students.  To meet this end, Malverne Schools will be forming a committee along with local community leaders to help students navigate through the challenges they face today.  We encourage all leaders in the community to join us.  A formal statement explaining the purpose, goals, and how to participate will soon follow.  When schools work closely with their communities, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

Reminder of Our District’s Mission:

This district embraces our pride in our diversity, and our success has always stemmed from our unity in creating an environment for all students to succeed. As these times continue to get more challenging, we want to remind everyone of our ideals. This district does not stand for or condone any verbal or physical act/threat or social media post that exhibits or promotes violence, intolerance or hate of any kind. Any student or staff member who violates our usual guidelines as noted in the district’s Code of Conduct will face disciplinary and/or legal action, as necessary. Let’s continue to be a beacon of light for each other during this time.