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Malverne High School 2013-2014 4th Quarter Honor Roll


Davison Avenue 2013-2014 4th Quarter Honor Roll


2013-14 4th Quarter Honor Roll Students


BOE Statement Re: Facilities and Fields

The school district’s physical assets – our facilities and fields – are owned by the residents of the Malverne Public Schools. These assets exist because of the financial support of our community, and they serve the interests of our residents.

The Board has established policies for non-school district entities to use the fields and facilities. Generally speaking, these entities must demonstrate that at least 50% of their participating members reside in our school district. We are not in the business of the allowing access to our assets by a majority of non-district residents or individual organizations that have no affiliation with our community or do not serve the residents of our community.

The Malverne Wildcats Youth Football Organization, which is not affiliated with the school district, has been granted permissions to use our fields since 2010. This organization has been using the MHS field #1, which has an artificial surface, all day on Sundays between September 1 and December 31.

The Our Lady of Lourdes CYO soccer program is also not affiliated with the district. They, too, have requested and use fields in our district, though not the MHS field #1, which is the most desirable because of its artificial surface and stadium seating capacity.

Since 2011, the CYO program has asked that it be given some time on the artificial surface field that is currently used all day on Sundays by the Wildcats. We recognize that this request has upset the Wildcats organization, yet we also recognize that the CYO program has a legitimate claim to also use what is inarguably the most coveted field environment in the district.  Further, the CYO group is comprised primarily of residents of the Malverne School District and is a much larger program than the Wildcats program.

The Board believes that no organization has the right to ‘claim’ any specific field. That is a decision made by our administrative team, and no outside organization can stand on any legal or ethical position to demand a specific field for use.

Therefore, in the interest of fairness, our administration has worked hard to find a resolution.   After comparing the Wildcats and CYO schedules, there are only 2 dates that conflict and we are working on a compromise which will include an alternative field with appropriate bleacher space and other accommodations for the Wildacts that their league requires.

We appreciate that both the Wildcats and CYO programs bring value to our District’s children and are hopeful that the mutual willingness to compromise and resolve this matter, is in the best interest of our School District.  We thank our administrative team for its extraordinary efforts and thoughtful approach to resolving this important matter.

Tenure Granted

At the Sept. 9 meeting of the Board of Education Deanna Vitola, who has taught music at the elementary and middle schools, was recognized for receiving tenure in the district. Congratulations to Ms. Vitola on this accomplishment.

5K Run Fundraiser

Please join the Malverne Educational and Fitness Foundation's main fundraising event of the year.

Catherine Walsh is a student at Howard T. Herber Middle School

Catherine Walsh is a student at Howard T. Herber Middle School. She is an exemplary student who goes above and beyond in all her assignments. Catherine always studies hard, focuses, participates, and gets excellent grades.

Student Volunteers

Congratulations to the following students who received a special Community Service Award for volunteering at the Lynbrook Public Library this summer: Halle Akaeze - 12 hours; Soleil Carboni - 8 hours; Joseph Daly - 8 hours; Lucy Elvir - 14 hours; Molly Fisherman - 16 1/4 hours; Hannah Hardeo - 5 1/2 hours; and Kayla Sukhnanan - 11 3/4 hours.

First Day Smiles


MHS Ranked Among Best in Nation

Malverne High School has been ranked among the top in the nation. According to The Daily Beast, Malverne High School has once again made the list of “America’s Top High School’s for 2014.” This ranking had previously been done by Newsweek magazine and has now been taken over by The Daily Beast. It utilized six major indicators for consideration, which were culled from school surveys and weighed graduation and college acceptance rates most heavily. Out of the more than 1200 schools that applied, Malverne was ranked 552 in the nation, 62 in New York State and 30 on Long Island.

The Band Plays On

Prior to the start of the school year, the “Pride of Malverne” Marching Band held its annual Band Camp and end of camp performance for parents, alumni, administration and community members. This year’s band, under direction of Glen Johnson and new assistant director Alyssa Rizzuto has increased to 120 students, grades 9-12. The camp is held to prepare students for the marching band competition season, which begins in early September. Malverne is hosting its 3rd Annual "Pursuit of Pride" Marching Band Competition on Sunday, Sept. 28th beginning at 12 noon

Celebrating Success of Students & Staff

In addition to celebrating successes and rallying to raise the bar even higher for students (see the Total Success presentation under “announcements”), Superintendent’s Conference Day honored many staff members and teachers. Congratulations to the following individuals who were honored this year:

Outstanding Support Staff Member
Noreen Kelly

Outstanding Staff Member
Colleen Hickey

Above and Beyond Award
Bonne Paley
Nancy Dean
Diane Knepple

25-Years of Service Plaque
Lloyd Hartley
Evelyn Seaman
Eileen Traslavina
Matthew Rosen

30-Years of Service Plaque
Marie Hanke
James Bosworth
Diana Covington-Vani

Door to Exploration

Malverne High School was abuzz this summer with activity at the sixth annual Summer Science Camp. All graduating eighth graders of Howard T. Herber Middle School were given the opportunity to apply for this program, which was made possible through a grant program administered by Stony Brook University’s Center for Science and Math Education. A select group of 18 incoming freshmen who exhibited exceptional strength in science were chosen to participate in daily lab work that explored the worlds of microbiology, cell biology, forensics and genetic engineering.
Tuesday, September 16, 2014